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Program 2022

Please see here for the latest program details for the 2022 Condo Conference.

Friday, September 30th, 2022 

Concurrent Sessions

9:15 am - 10:15 am

- 1A -

Rapid Fire Legislation: Free Legal Tips

Moderator: Francesco Deo
Speakers: Josh Milgrom, Armand Conant, and Megan Molloy

- 1B -

Communication: Put a bow on it!

Moderator: Carol Dirks
Speakers: Sue Langlois and Danielle Casha

- 1C -

Staffing: Where did everyone go?

Moderator: Benjamin Tabesh
Speakers: Mike Fernandes, Katherine Gow, and Bradley Chaplick

Concurrent Sessions

10:30am - 11:30am

- 2A -

Rapid Fire Maintenance: Are you missing out?

Moderator: Richard Pearlstein
Speakers: Robert Weinberg, Maria Dimakas, and Nancy Longueira

- 2B -

Technology & Business: Working smarter

Moderator: Luis Hernandez
Speakers: Chris Jaglowitz, Ben Zelikovitz, and Nicholas Chirametli

- 2C -

Rapid Fire Engineering: Better than adequate 

Moderator: Andreé Ball
Speakers: Sally Thompson, Ian Miller, and Stefan Nespoli

Day 1 Closing Plenary


Future Planning, Funding & Finances: Reaching your limits

Moderator: Sean Wilde
Speakers: Justin Tudor, Gerard Gransaull, and Lisa Kay


Saturday, October 1st, 2022

Keynote Speaker


Keynote Speaker

Steve Patterson

Concurrent Sessions

9:45am - 10:45am

- 3A -

State of the Industry: Still Going Viral

Moderator: Tania Haluk
Speakers: Murray Johnson, Rob Mullin, and Stacey Kurck

- 3B -

Energy: Positive Energy

Moderator: Tania Krysia
Speakers: Suneel Gupta, and Keith Burrows

- 3C -

Governance & Ethics: Decisions and Dynamics 

Moderator: Naseer Abbasi
Speakers: Natalia Polis, Patricia Elia, and Victor Yee

Concurrent Sessions

1:30pm - 2:30pm

- 4A -

Insurance: Patrick's Done It Again

Moderator: Vic Persaud
Speakers: Tom Gallinger, David Outa, and Stephen Skolny

- 4B -

Funding/Finances: Show Me the Money 

Moderator: Brian Antman
Speakers: Brad Wells, Andrea Lusk, and Lyndsey McNally

- 4C -

Mental Wellness: Mind Full or Mindful? 

Moderator: Sally Dooman
Speakers: Deborah Howden, Marc Bhalla, and Joy Matthews

Day 2 Closing Plenary


Case Law Update & Closing: Condos in the Courts 

Moderator: Maria Durdan
Speakers: Mario Deo, Brian Horlick, and Nancy Houle


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