Workshop #3

Solving the final Metre Delivery Challenge

Todd Morrison

The volume of deliveries into residential condominiums has created multiple unique challenges for property managers, condominium corporations, security personnel and residents alike.  Are you looking for ways to control the traffic of non-residents entering your building? Want to reduce the risk of having packages left in common areas or the cost associated to storing packages in lockers and parcel rooms?  Would you like to offset the costs associated to managing deliveries for residents?  @DOOR can help! @DOOR is an App based delivery application integrated with major Canadian couriers and building software providers that is designed to improve the efficiency,  sustainability, and level of service for home deliveries to residents of Condominiums.  @DOOR provides a safe, secure and simple process to free up space in the building and better control the final metre delivery while enabling you to get paid for completing deliveries within your building.