Condo Conference 2023 Speaker

Regulatory Bodies: What we thought and what we got

Sat, Nov 18

Victor Yee, Hons. B.A., J.D

Elia Associates Professional Corporation

A condominium lawyer with Elia Associates, Victor joined the firm in 2008, and brings a thorough, educated and multi-faceted approach to dealing with the practical issues and human dynamics that are so often at play in communal living environments.

As counsel to condominium corporations throughout Ontario, Victor draws upon his past experience as the President of the Board of Directors for a national award-winning condominium corporation in Toronto, as well as his previous experience as the chairperson of the internal tribunal for Canada's largest student housing cooperative.

As a litigator, Victor has successfully represented condominium corporations and unit owners in various courts and tribunals throughout the province, as well as in condominium-related mediations and arbitrations.

Victor's natural love of politics helps him advance clients' interests while managing and anticipating the political ebbs and flows that are inherent in condominiums.