Condo Conference 2023 Speaker

Insurance: Are you covered?

Sat, Nov 18

Stephen Skolny, CAIB

BFL Canada

Stephen Skolny is an insurance broker at BFL Canada Risk and Insurance Services. We focus on all lines of insurance with my specialty being in residential realty. Stephen is part of the real estate team nationally, where we have offices in each province focusing on condominium insurance. CCI is a huge part of our organization across Canada with representation at the national level and provincially. Stephen has attended CCI National events and spoken on several CCI educational panels over the years. Being a member of the CCI-T Board of Directors allows Stephen to help with change and advocate for the condominium industry.

As an Insurance Broker, Stephen's profession is to educate and act as a trusted advisor on behalf of my clients to manage their insurance needs. We at BFL deal with many different insurance companies that provide products such as: Commercial General Liability, Property, Directors and Officers, Crime, Pollution, Equipment Breakdown, Pollution insurance to name a few.

Stephen's goal is to be part of the condominium industry in a role where I can share, educate and give back to the community, constructively to inspire change for the better of those involved.