Condo Conference 2023 Speaker

Roundtable #2
Engineering Roundtable

Sat, Nov 18

Tom Park, P.Eng., A.C.C.I., ODACC Adjudicator

Senior Associate, Building Envelope

Tom brings a wealth of expertise to his present role as Senior Associate with the Building Envelope Team at Engineering Link Inc., having served in several senior leadership roles over the span of a 32-year career.

Prior to joining Engineering Link in July 2021, Tom mentored staff and managed a growing Building Science operation of a multidisciplinary firm which provided engineering services to a diverse range of business sectors and a wide array of building types. He was responsible for business development, financial metrics monitoring and strategic planning.

Tom's capabilities include extensive experience with whole property condition assessments, reserve fund studies, building envelope restoration, and forensic investigation experience. He is known for his ability to identify and mobilize a vast array of investigative techniques, equipment, and specialists in innovative ways to quickly diagnose and address virtually any building performance concern. Tom was a past Board Member of the Toronto Chapter of the Canadian Condominium Institute and a past Associates Committee Member of ACMO.

Tom continues to support the improvement of the condominium industry, by working directly with corporations with their reserve fund planning, durable restoration projects.

Tom is also an Adjudicator for the authority, Ontario Dispute Adjudication for Construction Contract (ODACC) and is planning to extend this service as an Adjudicator for the federal, Canada-wide authority CanDACC.