Condo Conference 2023 Speaker

Workshop #3
Solving the final Metre Delivery Challenge

Fri, Nov 17


Todd Morrison

With 30+ years' experience as a supply chain solution developerĀ in courier transportation and logistics, Todd has been able to witness firsthand the growth of ecommerce. While the convenience of on line shopping may be undeniable for many, for consumers living in high density condominiums and apartments there are some unique obstacles to overcome to make the home delivery experience as simple as it is for residents of single-family homes. Through @DOOR, Todd is improving the way courier delivery is completed in those high density complexes, creating a direct connection between the carrier and a final metre delivery agent(s) within the building to improve the level of service the resident receives, create a more efficient and sustainable delivery process and provide a revenue or income source for the person or company completing the final metre delivery.