Condo Conference 2023 Speaker

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Fri, Nov 17

Bharat Kapoor

Horlick Condominium Law

Bharat, having obtained his Certificate of Qualification from the National Committee on Accreditation (NCA) in 2018, was admitted to the Law Society of Ontario (previously known as the Law Society of Upper Canada) in 2020. He completed his dual degree program, BB.A LL.B., at Symbiosis Law School in India and was admitted to the Bar Council of India in 2012.

Prior to relocating to Canada, Bharat practiced at a boutique law firm in India, where he handled various legal matters including corporate governance, regulatory advisory, criminal offenses, defense counsel advisory, and white-collar crimes. Since 2018, Bharat has been working closely with Brian, focusing on condominium law and corporate governance.

Bharat has developed a thriving legal practice centered around advocating for condominium corporations. His practice encompasses tasks such as upholding and enforcing condominium rules and regulations through mediation, arbitration, Condominium Authority Tribunal applications and court applications.

Bharat is a a strong advocate for utilizing alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods as the preferred means to resolve conflicts, with litigation considered as a last resort.

Bharat provides support to condominium corporations by reviewing contracts, making revisions to the corporation's governing documents, and assisting corporations with recovery of outstanding common expenses.

Bharat also brings significant expertise in chairing owners' meetings. He is fluent in Hindi and proficient in Punjabi, enabling effective communication with clients from diverse linguistic backgrounds.