Condo Conference 2023 Speaker

Conflict Resolution: Conflict in Condo Land

Fri, Nov 17


Michelle Joy, BA, RCM, OLCM

Wilson Blanchard Management Inc

Michelle is the Executive Director of Condominium Management at Wilson Blanchard Management, she has worked with various condominium clients and in hear current leadership role supervises a team of condominium managers. She has been working in the condominium industry since 2013 and achieved the designation of Registered Condominium Manager (RCM) with the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario (ACMO) in 2017, she is also a General License Manager with the CMRAO. Michelle is actively involved in the condominium industry and has participated as a speaker at CCI events, teaches the Condominium Excellence course for the CMRAO and is an instructor at Humber College in their Condominium Management Program.