Condo Conference 2023 Speaker

Legal Roundtable – History of Condos

Fri, Nov 17

Bob Gardiner, B.A., LL.B., ACCI, FCCI

Gardiner Miller Arnold LLP

As founding partner of Gardiner Miller Arnold LLP, Bob has acted for over 600 condominium corporations, 200 business corporations, 1,000 real estate transactions, and 500 disputes during the past 43 years. Bob has authored 8 books on condominium law, two didactic condo comedy plays, over 3,000 legal opinions and 300 legal articles. He has moderated and spoken at more than 85 condo legal seminars.

As president and a director of CCI-Toronto, Bob was the initiator and co-founder of the ACMO/CCI-Toronto Condo Conference, chaired CCI-T's Legislative and Education Committees, and is an honorary member of ACMO's Associates Executive Committee. He improved CCI-T's newsletter into a 64 page, 4-colour magazine and placed its first full-page colour ad. Bob chaired the chairs of 11 legal committees at the ACMO/CCI Joint Recommendations Committee, and drafted five briefs to the Ontario government, submitting 180 improvements to the Condominium Act, 1998. He subsequently proposed numerous revisions to the current, amended Act. He established CCI-T's government lobbying framework and presented more than 40 legal briefs to federal and provincial legislators.

Bob has been honoured as a Fellow of the Canadian Condominium Institute, and as ACMO's Associate of the Year for meritorious service to the condominium community. He has also received the Governor General's Confederation 125 Award and the Queen's Jubilee Award.