Condo Conference 2023 Speaker

Conflict Resolution: Conflict in Condo Land


Aimee Dayan

CMRAO General License
Brilliant Property Management

Aimee Dayan brings extensive expertise to the realm of customer service and property management, backed by a solid foundation of over 15 years of experience in dynamic restaurant environments. She is adept at handling complex situations with finesse, including interactions with Board of Directors and conflict resolution.

Aimee's proficiency extends to three languages: French, Spanish, and English, enabling her to effectively engage with a diverse clientele. Her qualifications in property management are further bolstered by a General License.

Over the past four years, Aimee has served as a dedicated property manager, placing a strong emphasis on resident satisfaction and the seamless operation of properties. She has garnered a reputation for her ability to deftly navigate intricate property management challenges and cultivate positive relationships with both residents and board members.