Condo Conference 2023 Speaker

Management & Boards: Behind Closed Doors - Service worker and volunteer shortage

Fri, Nov 17

William Choi

Condo Board Representative

William began his volunteerism on condo boards since 2012 to present for about 11 years.   He proudly serves concurrently as President on each of the 2 different condo boards, and is grateful to have worked in great teams with great people leading each Corporation into becoming award-winning communities.   He brings a positive and winning attitude in supporting good leadership into becoming well-managed collaborative condominium communities. 

In addition, William also serves as a member of CCI-T's CondoStrength committee, a program where condominium directors come together and share their experiences with other directors through free networking events which has become an invaluable resource, toolbox, and great opportunity for directors to connect. (Check it out!)

Some of William's experience includes leading and advising past social committees into creating great and fun events with high participation; working through great disasters towards resolution; identifying strengths, weaknesses and curiously finding ways to improve with each team while enhancing a strong bench of future and current leaders;  and help establishing each Corporation's unique identity, culture, and potential. 

Come join our session "Management & Boards: Behind Closed Doors - Service worker and Volunteer Shortage" , where you will hear about the current landscape, our opinions and perspectives, and where we discuss possible ways and approaches that can improve Board and Management involvement and continual collaboration towards sustainable success making the journey to be rewarding.