Condo Conference 2023 Speaker

Construction: Surviving the Boom!

Fri, Nov 17

Sean Allman

Synergy Partners

Sean's natural curiosity led him to become a professional engineer with a focus on building Construction: Surviving the Boom! and building system failure mechanisms.

Kicking off his career, Sean conducted comprehensive condition assessments and designed repairs for balconies, garages, and glazing systems for a range of high-rise residential and commercial buildings. Over time, his expertise expanded to encompass the evaluation of all aspects of building systems and advising owners and managers on repairs. Sean has also been involved with providing advice on new multi-res Construction: Surviving the Boom! projects, forensic evaluations, and Construction: Surviving the Boom! litigation.

Boasting an impressive tenure spanning more than two decades, Sean's advisory services have significantly impacted clients' decisions and outcomes. He plays an instrumental role in the growth and strategic management of Synergy Partners, as one of its founders.

Throughout his extensive career, Sean has undertaken a multitude of projects across Canada, demonstrating his versatility by navigating complex, high-profile assets as well as revitalization projects for properties suffering from substantial deterioration.