Condo Conference 2022 Speaker

Tim Stoate

Efficiency Capital

Moderator 3B

Tim Stoate is Vice President of Development at Efficiency Capital. Until recently Tim was President of Impact Investing with the Toronto Atmospheric Fund ("TAF") and was instrumental in incubating Efficiency Capital and establishing an insured non-debt financial instrument specifically tailored for high-rise residential market. Tim is charged with expanding EC's sales within existing and future markets. Tim has 40 years experience in corporate finance advisory work, banking, and investment syndications as the V.P. Finance in both growth and mature organizations. Portfolios under his management have exceeded $200 million in committed funds and have included residential real estate, construction transactions, and commercial loans. As an independent consultant, Tim arranged, senior debt, mezzanine financing, and subordinated debt and equity investments for early-stage and growth businesses. Clients included condominium corporations, importers & exporters, manufacturers, technology businesses, "green businesses", transportation enterprises, and service organizations. Tim is the Treasurer of a not-for-profit organization serves as the Chair of the Finance Committee and is on the Investment Committee.