Condo Conference 2022 Speaker

Joy Matthews, BPHE, BA (Hons.), MA, JD

Rutherford and Matthews

Speaker 4C

Joy is a passionate lawyer who focuses on advising board of directors on governance issues, providing practical, cost-effective resolutions for his clients and representing condominium corporations in litigious matters, when necessary.

Joy shares his extensive knowledge of through teaching law and currently holds a course director appointment with York University, Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies, with a previous appointment at George Brown College.

Focused on educating managers and directors on the pertinent issues affecting the condominium industry, Joy has written numerous articles for leading condominium publications and other media, being quoted in both the Toronto Star and Law Times. Joy is also a member of CCI's Communication Committee and is part of a panel which critically reviews submissions prior to publication to ensure the best and most accurate information is disseminated in the condominium industry.