Condo Conference 2022 Speaker

Ari Soroka, RCM

Nadlan-Harris Property Management Inc.

Speaker 1B

Vice President at Nadlan-Harris Property Management Inc.

Ari is an R.C.M. 12+ years of experience has provided him with an extensive knowledge in all aspects of property management and has been instrumental in implementing strategies and initiatives that maximize the client's property value and minimizes their spend. Ari oversees Nadlan-Harris. Ari's key areas of responsibility are client asset and experience management, governance, human talent inspiration and management and organizational capacity oversight. Ari is dedicated to plan and monitor the operations of our clients' properties and ensure they surpass industry norms. He does this by creating goals, policies and procedures that support our managers and staff so that they can exceed their own expectations. Ari is a member in good standing of C.C.I. Toronto Chapter and A.C.M.O.