Staffing: Where did everyone go?

The building service industry such as condominium management, cleaning, and security, are subject to extensive Labour Relations and Employment Standards Laws in Ontario.  These laws include "successor rights" whereby a unionized property remains unionized after a contract is terminated. This as a result affects compensation obligations of site staff. The Minimum Wage Laws, a reaction to a higher CPI and inflationary pressures have also affected the level of compensation varied against expectations in today's labour market.     In this seminar, we will consider the consequences of these legislations and the issues to be aware of at the time of negotiating and signing your management, cleaning, and security contracts. We will go a step further by discussing the employment shortage and present options to attract and retain talent in today's job market and implement the right balance between service expectations and pay compensations.

Moderator: Benjamin Tabesh
Speakers: Mike Fernandes, Katherine Gow, and Bradley Chaplick