Conference Speaker

Vic Persaud, BA

Suncorp Valuations

Speaker 2A

Vic Persaud is a Manager of Business Development for Suncorp Valuations, one of the largest appraisal firms in Canada. Suncorp appraises over 1,000 condominiums annually to establish the current replacement cost for insurance placement purposes. Since 2003, Vic has been marketing Suncorp's appraisal services and been actively involved in the condominium industry.

Vic is the Chair of the Membership Committee for CCI Toronto. In his role with CCI Toronto, he has been instrumental in increasing membership and developing initiatives such as Condo of the Year and Membership Presentations for management companies. Vic has been a moderator and speaker at past CCI/ACMO conferences and has written articles for the CondoVoice and CM magazine.