Conference Speaker

Megan Mackey, J.D., B.Sc. (Biochemistry)

Shibley Righton LLP

Moderator 5B

Megan Mackey is a lawyer practicing condominium litigation at Shibley Righton LLP. As a member of Shibley Righton, Megan provides advice on a wide variety of condominium law issues. 

Megan acts on behalf of condominium corporations, unit owners, and developers. Megan is involved in all types of condominium disputes including the enforcement and interpretation of condominium documents, shared facilities disputes, lien enforcement, contract disputes, governance disputes, and insurance litigation. A large part of Megan's practice relates to construction deficiency matters.

Megan is a member of CCI-Toronto's Education committee, whose mission is to provide director focused education in order to enhance the development and understanding of condominiums for unit owners, boards of directors and others. Megan was involved in the development of the new Condominium Act, having presented recommendations on revisions to Bill 106 (Protecting Condominium Owners Act) to the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs at the public hearings at Queen's Park.