Conference Speaker

Harold Cipin, M.Sc., Hons. B.A., RCM

President, City Sites Property Management Inc.

Speaker 3C

Harold Cipin has been the President of City Sites Property Management Inc. since 2015. He has spent more than twenty years providing professional management services to the condominium industry in Ontario. As President of City Sites Property Management Inc., he is dedicated to providing outstanding management services to all of the company's clients. Harold is also committed to continually strive to enhance the integrity of the condominium management industry within Ontario. He is a former President of the Board of Directors of the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario (ACMO), serving two terms, as well as the current President and founding member of the National Association of Condominium Managers (NACM). Harold received his RCM accreditation in 2000 and was awarded the RCM of the Year Award and the President's Citation for excellence and distinguished service in 2009. He has also written several articles for the Association's quarterly Condominium Manager (CM) magazine. Harold holds a graduate degree from Indiana State University and an under graduate degree from York University.