Conference Speaker

Aji Montenegro, MBA

TSCC # 2062

Speaker 3B

Aji is the current Treasurer (and recent President) of TSCC 2062, a condominium project in the Regent Park Revitalization in the Downtown East area of Toronto. With over 16 years of Board experience, Aji was part of an interview panel on condominium living in Toronto Life magazine's Real Estate Guide for 2010 and has also been on CBC radio as part of a series on buying a condominium in the redevelopment of Regent Park. In April 2014, Aji started his own independent consulting practice, Blackmount Group, and currently works as a Senior Manager with one of the largest property management firms in North America. In 2016, Aji participated in a Ryerson University student documentary on the integration of different social classes in mixed-use neighbourhoods, with a focus on multi-residential condominiums. In addition to his consulting work and his role and duties as a condominium Director, Aji has provided consulting and meeting minutes services to over 40 condominium corporations in the Greater Toronto Area including Oakville, Pickering, Mississauga and Brampton.