Sponsor Registration

Primary Contact Person: (Responsible for all communications)


Diamond - $9,000

Diamond Sponsor Benefits

  • Company logo displayed digitally and print in plenary room
  • Ability to welcome and address attendees during closing session (speaking note to be approved by planning committee)
  • Ability to host prize giveaway or draw live on stage
  • Banner above trade show entrance with company logo
  • Floor decals with company logo at entrance of trade show
  • Floor decals with company logo in common areas on trade show floor
  • Pillar wraps on trade show floor with company logo

Platinum - $6,500

Platinum Sponsor Benefits

  • Company logo on four (4) parking polls in parking lot

Silver - $3,500

Silver Sponsor Benefits

  • Company logo displayed within tradeshow floor aisles through branded hanging aisle signage
  • Accompanying floor decals placed on sponsored aisle floor

Bronze - $2,500

Bronze Sponsor Benefits

  • Logo recognition at coat check through signage
  • Ability to have company flyers distributed at coat check
  • Company logo displayed in Break area (Friday only)
  • Company logo displayed in Break area (Saturday Only)
  • Company logo displayed in Breakfast area (Saturday Only)

Total: $

If applicable to sponsorship level, submit proposed item for delegate bag [note: delegate bag inserts must be approved by sponsorship manager].
Note: applies only to Premier, Diamond, Platinum and Gold Level Sponsors*
*(additional fee applies for Gold Level Sponsors)

Payment Information

Terms and Conditions

The mandate of the conference is educational in nature and any inserts provided for use in the Delegate Bag must reflect this mandate. Any eligible sponsor wishing to provide an insert for use in the Delegate Bag must submit the insert for pre-approval by the conference planning committee. The conference planning committee shall have sole and unfettered discretion to refuse any insert deemed inappropriate and/or inconsistent with the mandate of the conference. The conference and planning committee shall bear no responsibility for any costs or expenses whatsoever related to the insert whether incurred by the sponsor or others.