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Mobile Conference App

We are pleased to provide you with a Mobile Conference Guide for the Condo Conference, giving you complete access to program details, Conference Features along with speaker, sponsor, and exhibitor information. The Mobile Conference Guide will also allow you to bookmark sessions in order to build your personal agenda, take notes, send tweets for each session, vote for the best booth, and much more.

How to obtain your Conference App?

Download the application from your app store and stay up to date with sessions, exhibitors, sponsors, conference features and much more! 

mobile app mobile app

Visit your device's app store and search for Condo Conference
mobile app

How to Access your Account

In order to utilize such functions as bookmarking sessions to create your own itinerary, writing notes for individual sessions,participating in the "Best Booth Competition", etc. you will need to log into the app first. To do so, simply click on  "Account/Login" in the navigation menu.

We have created an account for you, and your login information has been emailed to you.

If you do not know your password, then you can reset it.

Once logged in, you can verify and, if necessary, update your information. Your profile is visible to other attendees unless you indicate that you do not want your information to be displayed.

mobile app

How to Navigate the Mobile Guide

In order to navigate the mobile guide, you can simply load and hide the navigational menu, by clicking on the Menu icon, (pictured on the left). All sections and pages of the guide are accessible from the navigation menu. In order to go back by one page, you can simply click the "Back" arrow, located immediately to the right of the Menu icon. 

mobile app

Bookmarking Sessions, Writing Notes, and more

In order to utilize such functions as bookmarking sessions to create your own itinerary, making notes for individual sessions, evaluating sessions that you have attended, or voting for the best booth, etc. you must be logged into your account first (see above).

Once you are logged in, all these additional features will become functional. For example, when you browse the conference program, our mobile guide will allow you to bookmark sessions that you would like to attend. Each bookmarked session will be added to your own personal itinerary, and can be called up in your "Account".

The mobile guide also allows you to write, save and edit notes for each individual session. This can be done on each session detail page.